What is the Biosolids Greenhouse Gas Calculator (BGGC)?

The BGGC is an online application used for determining carbon emissions outputs from biosolids and wastewater management processes. 

Why the BGGC is important.

Mock screen of the BGGC
Mock up screen of user dashboard

Tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is becoming a vital necessity for public regulatory agencies and a requirement for some municipalities. 

Current tools to calculate carbon emissions are largely siloed and there is not one standard to base industry wide calculations from, nor is there the ability to easily compare data outputs, estimates, etc. Not to mention, not all utilities have the financial means to evaluate their biosolids management processes through a GHG Lens. 

The Biosolids Greenhouse Gas Calculator (BGGC) will shift us from a "go-it-alone" approach to a collective effort in managing carbon emissions through shared data through this affordable, accessible tool for biosolids and wastewater management organizations. 

Where we are now. 

To date, over $20k and three years have been invested in prototyping and initial research into the BGGC. It is time to build a tool that will be able to advance the role of biosolids management in decreasing our GHG emissions now. 

How we move forward. 

We are seeking Sponsors and Launch Partners to pledge $100,000 by October 31, 2019.
Thank you to all the organization that have already committed to making this important tool a reality!

Organizations who pledge $5,000 to the initial build of the BGGC project will be offered two years of free access to launch the tool once it is completed.  Sponsors will also be recognized when the calculator is launched. 

Organizations offering $30,000 and above will received 5 years of access to the calculator, be recognized as a launch partner, and be given a position on the BGGC's Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will play a key role in designing key features and the overall functionality of the calculator.

BGGC Full Business Plan

Need a few more details before committing your support?

A complete business plan is ready for review. Simply request a copy.